Aftercare For Your Baby circumcision

Your baby will need to wear loose clothing for the next few days after the circumcision. He will feel unwell for several hours but should be able eat and drink normally within a couple of days. He will also experience soreness around the wound. He may also see a yellow or greenish film around the wound. These are signs that there is an infection. Fortunately, most babies can recover from circumcision with no problems.

After the circumcision, your Sydney Circumcision Clinic should shower or gold coast circumcision. It is important not to scrub the wound with soap. If the wound is extremely sore, you may wash it with soapy warm water. To aid wound healing, the dressing should be changed every 2 hours. Petroleum jelly should be applied to the wound for the first three to 5 days. It will also help your baby not feel pain. After your baby has been cleaned, you can give him or her a bath.

Your baby should be taken to bed immediately after the circumcision. For a few weeks, your child might not be as active as normal. The area will be tender and sore. If your child is in pain, you can give it a paracetamol and ibuprofen. Your child should be cleaned often after the procedure. After your baby has had a bowel move, you need to thoroughly clean the area. You can also keep your baby warm with a blanket.

For a few days, your child may feel sore and uncomfortable after the circumcision. For a few days, he or she might also feel dehydrated. Your child should take some paracetamol after the procedure to ease the pain. Encourage your child’s to drink plenty of fluids. Also, make sure they pass their urine within six hours. Even if your baby is otherwise fine, you should avoid swaddling him or her for a few days.

Your baby should be given detailed instructions following circumcision. It is important that your baby does not touch the circumcision area as this can cause infection. After seven to ten weeks, the plastic penis band should fall off. You should contact your doctor if the ring stays on or slips down the shaft. You should also avoid pulling on the ring after the procedure. During the first few weeks, he/she should not eat or drink any food, but should avoid swaddling.

For a few days, your child may feel unwell after the circumcision. He or she might also feel unwell for several hours. Make sure your child gets plenty of water. Your baby should not have any problems urinating the next day. If your baby passes urine in six hours, it should be fine. You should continue to use paracetamol as necessary.

Your baby will feel a little sore after the circumcision. Your baby may feel pain for a few days and will require care until the area heals. Make sure your baby has plenty of fluids, and that he passes the urine within six hour. This will minimize discomfort. Vaseline is a good choice to clean the incision site. The incision site will be sore for several days after the procedure. To relieve pain, give your baby a paracetamol tablet if he has a fever.

For the first two to six week following surgery, you and baby should not engage in sexual activity. Alcohol can cause your baby to become dehydrated and may decrease the effects of the local sedative. Your baby’s recovery will be helped by a good bath. You should pay close attention to your child’s genitals. When your child is lying on his/her back, he or she may feel nauseous or unwell.

Your son will feel sore for several days after the circumcision. Vaseline can be applied to the area and entire head of your baby’s penis. This will reduce swelling and prevent mucosal adhesion. When you leave the hospital, your baby should be resting in the room. He will need monitoring for around seven to ten day depending on how much he has recovered.